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The AdvantEdge Job Search Process™

Selling You. The Guidebook to Win Your Job Search


Two Editions. One Winning Formula. Starting at only $9.99

This book walks you step-by-step through the "How To" for the actions you need to complete across each of the four major phases of a successful job search.


  • Plan & Research: Job Search Action Plan Development; Target Position and Company Research

  • Personal Branding: Elevator Pitch Development; Resume Development; Cover Letter Development; LinkedIn Profile Development

  • Personal Networking: Job Search Network Funnel Development; Exploratory Meetings & Network Maintenance

  • Personal Selling: Interview Preparation; Screening Interview; Hiring Manager Interview; Job Offer Evaluation & 1st 90 Days

Job Search Services

From One Hour Consulting Sessions to Complete Coaching Programs Covering Each Step in the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™
Personal Branding


Develop your branding assets to stand out from the competition.


  • Elevator Pitch Development

  • Resume Development

  • Cover Letter Development

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

Personal Networking


Grow and maintain your network to find the jobs never posted.


  • Network Research Strategy

  • Network Contact Techniques

  • Exploratory Meeting Skills

Personal Selling

Excel with personal selling to win the interview and land the job. 


  • Interview Essentials Training

  • Screening Interview Coaching

  • Final Interview Coaching

  • Job Offers & the 1st 90 Days 

Books & Resources

Everything You Need to Take Control of Your Search and Land the Job

Are you struggling with how to begin the search for your next job? What step do you take first, then second, and what process do you use to land the job? Or perhaps, you are in the middle of a job search and not making any forward progress.


The plane is stuck on the runway, waiting for takeoff.

It would help if you had a guidebook and resources to help you chart out the path and the steps to land the job.

  • Pathfinder Edition: The Selling You guidebook with step-by-step instructions for the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™. Learn more.

  • AdvantEdge Toolkit: A set of 25 job search tools, templates, exercises, and resources designed to help you accelerate your job search. Learn More.

  • Navigator Edition: The Pathfinder Edition with the AdvantEdge Toolkit already included. Learn More.



Client Success

I cannot say enough great things about the program Dan offers. I lost my job during arguably one of the most challenging times in the job market history. Dan's coaching gave me the tools to not only focus on what I actually wanted out of my professional career but also helped produce MULTIPLE job offers. 

Briana P. | Account Executive

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