AdvantEdge Tune-Up

Job Search Consulting Session

[1 Hour Virtual Coaching Session]

Is your job search stalled? Lots of hours and effort invested but not many interviews and no offers. Perhaps you have lost your way, and your job search process needs a tune-up. 

Schedule a Job Search Consulting Session with AdvantEdge Careers. With an evaluation of your current job search process, strategy, and tools, we can collaboratively get your search running more efficiently on the way to landing your next job.

Through a detailed analysis, a series of guided questions, and focused 1:1 discussion, we will accelerate the effectiveness of your search leveraging the structure and tools from the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™. 

In this one-hour session ($299 USD), you will receive:


  • Personalized evaluation of your current job search process: Recommendations on how to improve on specific steps in the process where you are facing barriers and challenges.

  • Analysis of your current resume against your target position: Specific report on how to optimize the resume for ingestion into Applicant Tracking Systems and book more interviews.

  • Assessment of your LinkedIn profile and network engagement strategy: Concrete actions to improve your LinkedIn presence for the job search.

  • Summary report: Detailing each step (with instructions) that you should take to increase the probability of success in your job search.

  • AdvantEdge Guidebook (Navigator Edition): Step-by-step instructions that guide you logically through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™. Four phases and twelve steps across 16 chapters lead you systematically from the start of your search to your first day in the new position. Check out a preview of the Navigator guidebook.

  • AdvantEdge Toolkit: Secure access to a cloud repository containing 25 easy-to-use job search tools, templates, exercises, and resources, all designed to expand your understanding and utilization of the AdvantEdge process. Review a complete list and description of all the tools.

Schedule a free 15-minute call to answer any questions you have regarding the AdvantEdge Tune-Up Coaching Session. At the completion of this call, you will receive instructions on how to purchase and schedule your session.