AdvantEdge FAQs 

Does AdvantEdge specialize in a specific type of client?

Yes. AdvantEdge Careers is a personalized 1:1 career coaching and consulting service designed specifically for students seeking their first job or mid-career professionals seeking their next job. AdvantEdge clients typically know the type of career they are seeking but need coaching and guidance to build a professional network and the opportunity pipeline for potential positions.

What makes AdvantEdge different from other services?

Some coaching services focus on specific elements of a job search such as resume creation or interview coaching. AdvantEdge Careers has a comprehensive coaching approach focused on all phases of the job search process. The AdvantEdge 10 step job search process is based on fundamental sales and marketing principles. Additionally, the AdvantEdge program is built on an action and plan oriented process designed to deliver a singular result…your first job or your next job.

Does AdvantEdge guarantee I will find a job?

No. You should be highly suspect of any career coaching service that guarantees you will find a position because of that organization’s services. There are simply too many variables that can impact the outcome of a job search from economic conditions, to geographical limitations and candidate qualifications. However, AdvantEdge Careers can guarantee that our coaching program will position you with a competitive advantage, sharpen your job search skills, expand your professional network and grow your pipeline of potential job opportunities.

How much will the coaching sessions cost?

AdvantEdge Careers offers four distinct career coaching service package levels (Starter, Essentials, Plus, and Professional) so clients can tailor the coaching services to their specific job search requirements. Services can also be selected individually to create a customized AdvantEdge coaching package. To obtain a price quote, simply contact the AdvantEdge team to request a quote for coaching services. You should receive your quote within (1) business day.

How do I schedule my coaching sessions?

AdvantEdge Careers utilizes the Calendly online calendar platform to schedule all coaching sessions. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions and a link to directly access the AdvantEdge Calendly site. On the site, you will be able to view all available coaching session timeslots and then book and save sessions directly to your own calendar.

How are the coaching sessions conducted?

AdvantEdge Careers coaching sessions are conducted virtually over the phone and internet using Google Meet, GoToMeeting or Skype platforms. Utilizing these technology platforms enables our clients to easily complete coaching sessions that fit conveniently into their schedules and daily routines. Leveraging both voice and video helps to mirror the initial stages of the career search and interview process that our clients will experience as they begin the job and career search journey.

How do I get started with AdvantEdge?

It all starts easily from the AdvantEdge website. If you first want to have a discussion to learn more about the AdvantEdge program, just access the online booking tool (located Here) to schedule an initial no charge consultation. If you are ready now to proceed with AdvantEdge, just contact the AdvantEdge team to request pricing (located Here) and begin the partnership.