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the advantedge guidebook

the path to your next job starts here

100% Five Star Reviews From Amazon Readers

The Job Search Guide You Need For Only $9.99


Are you on the right path in the search for your next job?  Perhaps you have not even started the search because you do not know where to begin.


A job search without a clear path and process is a recipe for frustration and failure. What you need in your job search is a process and tools to take your job search from “Where do I start” to “When can you start” with an offer in your hand.

  • The Pathfinder Edition is your personal guide to navigating every step in the job search process.

  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you logically through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™.

  • Four phases and twelve steps across 16 chapters lead you systematically from the start of your search to your first day in the new position. 

  • Check out a preview of the first four chapters of the AdvantEdge Guidebook

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