Navigator Edition


Have you lost your way in the search for your next job? Rough air. Wrong turns. The job search can be frustrating, and the list of potential challenges is long and complicated.

  • Struggling to create an effective resume.

  • Applying for jobs online with no results.

  • Network contacts disappear into the fog.

  • Interviews with no feedback and no offers.

  • And the list goes on.


A navigator is a person that guides a ship to a target destination using instruments and maps. That is precisely what you need in your job search. A process and tools to take your job search from “Where do I start” to “When can you start” with an offer in your hand.

With the Navigator Edition of Selling You, you will learn to leverage the power of sales and marketing to navigate your job search and land the job. The Navigator Edition includes:


  • AdvantEdge Guidebook: Step-by-step instructions that guide you logically through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™. Four phases and twelve steps across 16 chapters lead you systematically from the start of your search to your first day in the new position. Check out a preview of the Navigator guidebook.​ Plus


  • AdvantEdge Toolkit: Secure access to a cloud repository containing 25 easy-to-use job search tools, templates, exercises, and resources, all designed to expand your understanding and utilization of the AdvantEdge process. Review a description of all the tools.

The Navigator Edition is available for purchase as a PDF eBook ($29.99) directly from this website and in Paperback format ($34.99) from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.