Personal Networking

Do you have a Personal Network?


Just like much of an iceberg is below the surface of the water, most professional job opportunities are never advertised. Eighty percent of the jobs filled every year are never advertised or posted online. 


Your Personal Network is your very own public relations firm used to market your Personal Brand to potential employers.  A properly developed and nurtured professional network will connect you successfully to the hidden job market and the majority of real job opportunities.

Professional Networking

We know that no one receives a job offer without first having a conversation or an interview. The easiest and most efficient way to get a conversation started with a hiring manager is through a personal connection. Your professional network is the key to personal connections.

Professional Network Development Session

Analysis of current network target database. Review of completed baseline networking email scripts and phone talk tracks. Assessment of current networking strategy and skills. Coaching on best practices for professional network development.  Includes a second round of digital review and edits to network targets database, email scripts, and phone talk tracks. 


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Available in Essentials, Plus and Professional Packages


Exploratory Interviews

Exploratory interviews are a tool to refine your job search and build your professional network. Exploratory interviews will give you real world, unfiltered, and in-depth information about a profession or industry. Executed correctly, exploratory interviews will expand your network and accelerate a successful job search. 

Exploratory Interview Session

Review of exploratory interview techniques and best practices. Live exploratory interview training and practice session including post-interview coaching and feedback.  


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Available in Essentials, Plus and Professional Packages