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New Job Search Assistance for Mid-Career and 50 Plus Professionals

AdvantEdge Careers announces the launch of the Navigator job search program designed specifically for mid-career and 50 plus professionals. The Navigator job search process is based on 30 years of proven sales and marketing principles. Selling is like breathing. We do both every day of our lives. When you are looking for your next job, you are selling the most valuable product in the world, yourself. With the Navigator program, AdvantEdge clients learn how to execute the job search through this sales perspective.

AdvantEdge defines mid-career and 50 plus to include:

  • Professionals seeking advancement or transition between positions, companies or careers.

  • Individuals currently unemployed as a result of a layoff or a company reorganization.

  • Adults seeking to reenter the workforce after a long absence and job seekers over 50 years old.

Many mid-career and 50 plus professionals have not completed an external job search in several years. The hiring process, technology, and the job market have changed significantly in just the last 3 to 5 years. From applicant tracking systems and artificial intelligence-based interview tools to new strategies for networking and interviewing, today’s job seekers need knowledge, experience, and practice to navigate this new job market successfully.

The minimum length of a job search for an employed mid-career professional today can exceed six months. For professionals over 50 years old or just reentering the workforce after a long absence, that figure can expand to twelve months or longer. To shorten the length of the search, job seekers need a comprehensive job search program that leverages all the elements of a successful job search strategy.

  • Personal Branding: The tools that tell the story of what makes you different and unique and enables you to stand out with a compelling value proposition for a future employer.

  • Personal Networking: A properly developed and nurtured professional network will connect you successfully to the hidden job market and most job opportunities.

  • Personal Selling: In the job search process, selling is learning how to win every interview.

The Navigator program is available in four packages (Starter, Essentials, Plus and Professional) starting at $195. Complete with a job search guidebook, templates, and worksheets, the Navigator program scales to meet the needs of all mid-career and 50 plus professionals.

Complete details on the Navigator program are now available on the newly launched AdvantEdge Careers website.

Dan Troup is the Managing Director of the AdvantEdge Careers coaching service. If you are interested in learning more about how a certified career coach can assist you in your job search, please contact AdvantEdge Careers for a free initial consultation.


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