College Students & Recent Grads

Is college graduation in your near future but you have not yet secured an offer for the first job and career?

Did you graduate from college recently but still have not found a first job that matches your degree and starts you on the right long-term career path?

If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, you may want to consider a career coach.
  • It can take new college graduates 7 or more months to land that first full-time professional position. Your college career center has information and tools to assist you in the first-time job search. But the college career center is a self-service vehicle with limited opportunities for 1:1 career coaching.


  • To shorten the job search process and position yourself to stand out from the competition, you may want to consider hiring a career coach. An investment in career coaching is an investment in your future. You will quickly realize the return on that investment with your first job and the right career path.


  • At AdvantEdge Careers, we have built a personalized 1:1 career coaching and consulting business designed specifically for the needs of soon to be or recent college graduates seeking their first job in a business discipline or career track.


  • All coaching sessions are conducted virtually over the phone and internet enabling you to easily complete coaching sessions that fit conveniently into your schedule and daily routine. 

Watch a Video on the AdvantEdge College Job Search Process

Download a free preview of the AdvantEdge Pathfinder Guidebook


  • The Pathfinder Job Search Program is designed specifically for college students and recent grads.


  • All Pathfinder Program packages include access to the complete AdvantEdge guidebook.


  • The Pathfinder Essentials, Plus and Professional packages also include the complete library of AdvantEdge job search templates, tools, and worksheets.

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