Client Testimonials

Dawn K. | Training Director
I highly recommend Dan Troup as a Career Coach and Job Search guru. Dan's unique style of approaching the job search like a sales cycle is outlined in his AdvantEdge Toolkit. It divided my search into manageable steps, which made the process much less overwhelming. Dan's tools, processes, and guidance are excellent, so I felt well prepared for my interviews. I was actually asked some of the same exact questions that were included in the Toolkit. The guidance in the Toolkit, combined with Dan's insightful coaching, resulted in me receiving a job offer within four weeks.
Mike G. | Management Consultant / Podcaster
Daniel is exceptional at helping those that are currently in the job search. He helped me fine-tune my resume and work on cover letters that made a huge impact on my search. The advice he gives is also extremely valuable and he helps you every step of the way. Highly recommend.
William L. | Marketing Specialist
AdvantEdge has honestly changed my life for the better. Before my initial session with Dan, my resume, networking, and communication skills were lacking. After a few months of working with him, my confidence and job search skills have improved tremendously. I credit Dan and AdvantEdge with preparing me for my current professional career as a marketing specialist. Also, I thank them for helping me land my first job in my career field.
Kayce B. | Digital Marketing Manager
Without exception, Dan is outstanding. He helped me fine-tune both my resume and my approach to networking through a career transition. He helped me put my priorities into clear view and polish up. At some point he knew me better than I knew myself...we are our own worst critics...and Dan helped me see past the pieces of self-criticism that were noise and focus on those that were constructive. I have a new path in my career and I owe a portion of that to his tremendous guidance. 
Michael C. | Management Consultant / Adjunct Professor
Dan is a gifted senior leader with an exceptional record of career success. Anyone seeking to find their next job or career change should contact Dan and learn how he can help you achieve your goals.
Jeff S. | Product Marketing Director
When it was time for me to pursue a job change, I decided that I needed professional guidance. I started by reading and watching all the blogs posted by Dan on LinkedIn. Once I had my bearings I needed to put my plan into action. Dan provided critical counseling and interview practice that allowed me to approach interviews confidently. There was no stress during interviews because I had a great process and plan. Dan is a master of communication and working with him was such a pleasure. I can’t express how well and quickly the interviews progressed until I received an offer for my chosen opportunity. I highly recommend that if you are serious about seeking a new career opportunity, you need AdvantEdge Careers in your corner.
Matt S. | Supply Chain Consultant
As I began my job search process I "didn't know what I didn't know" until I reached out to Dan and AdvantEdge Careers. Before leveraging the depth of expertise and resources that AdvantEdge offers, my search was aimless and ineffective. Once I reached out to Dan and began working with the AdvantEdge system, my job search finally had a game plan with the structure and strategy necessary to be successful. Dan showed me how to truly market myself and build my pipeline of opportunities. At each step in the job search process, from resume building to interviewing, I used the many templates and content to prepare myself. I credit Dan and the AdvantEdge system for helping me land exactly where I wanted to be!
Todd T. | Regional Sales Manager
As a seasoned 20+ year sales professional with over 13 years at the same company, I thought it would be easy to find a new job. I could not have been more wrong. I reached out to AdvantEdge Careers for help and soon learned after speaking with Dan that the “game” has changed!! Dan created a step-by-step process for me to follow and helped me create a real plan vs. just clicking on apply on job boards. He helped me truly understand how to optimize my resume and LinkedIn profile with the right keywords and structure, so I would go to the top of the pile and dramatically increase the number of recruiters viewing my profile and reaching out to me. The result is that I did find a new job within a few months that is a perfect fit for both the company and myself. I strongly recommend that you reach out to Dan at AdvantEdge Careers and just start with a simple conversation to see how he can help you either find your first job or your next career move.
Andrew M. | Sr. Director, Business Development
AdvantEdge Careers was a huge help in my mid-career job search after I was let go as part of a layoff at my company.  Dan took the time to walk me through his 3-phase process and provided the necessary templates that I used to fill up my pipeline of opportunities. AdvantEdge Career's systematic approach enabled me to successfully manage all the steps in the job search process, which resulted in me getting multiple job offers.
Stephen W. | Development, Event & Marketing Professional
I worked with Dan to get my most recent role. He really helped me focus on what was most important and gave a very structured plan to move forward on my goals. Dan is very personable and a pleasure to work with. He even made an extra effort to meet with me one day and drove over an hour from where he was staying to help me prepare for an upcoming interview. He is committed to his work and his clients. I can highly recommend him if you are a job seeker. Especially if you are trying to move into a new area of work, or evolve from where you are at.