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When I view testimonials on a website, I often question the authenticity of the information provided. Some kind words and a first name or initials. Is it real or just good marketing? For my client testimonials, I elected to take a different approach. I use LinkedIn recommendations. Real people. Real words. Full names.


Upon completion of coaching services, after the client has landed a new job, I request a recommendation through the LinkedIn platform. Those detailed recommendations are then displayed directly on my LinkedIn profile page. And you can even reach out to these clients directly through LinkedIn if you want greater insight into my coaching services. Complete transparency. That's the way I share my client testimonials.

Click the "View Recommendations" button to navigate to my profile.

Then scroll down the profile page to the Recommendations Received section.


There you can read many detailed recommendations for AdvantEdge Careers from real clients. 

LI Recommendations Screenshot.png
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