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Dan Troup is The Job Search Mechanic

Dan Troup is the founder of the AdvantEdge Careers coaching service. Over a sales and marketing career spanning 30+ years, he has interviewed and hired hundreds of professionals. After providing career coaching to an extensive network of individuals for many years, he decided to turn that experience into the AdvantEdge Careers service.

In his dreams, Dan is a best-selling author. In reality, he is a happily retired executive who enjoys helping individuals successfully navigate the job search process. He is The Job Search Mechanic. Dan can’t repair a car engine to save his life. But he can diagnose a stalled job search and get it running again smoothly on the way to helping his clients land a winning job offer.

Dan Troup Headshot.jpg

For years, Dan’s mother encouraged him to spend more time writing. At the tender age of 57, he finally listened to her suggestion. He now writes extensively about the mechanics of the job search process. In his first book, “Selling You: The AdvantEdge Job Search Process™,” he delivers a complete guide with step-by-step instructions and tools to take your job search from “Where do I start” to “When can you start.” 

Leveraging his superpower of self-deprecating humor and an interest in music and movies, he has also published more than 75 articles covering job search strategies and careers on his AdvantEdge blog site. A lifelong friendship with his barber offers insight into ways to advance your job search. The Scarecrow and the Wizard of Oz hold tips to improve your resume. And a walk with his dog shines a light on how to find satisfaction in your work and career.

Throughout his writing, one lesson stands above all others. The job search is a sales cycle and securing that job offer is all about process and execution. Dan brings a very personable and engaging communication style to career coaching for young adults and mid-career professionals. His focus is on practical coaching, skills development, action planning, and positioning his clients for success in a competitive job market.

Prior to forming AdvantEdge Careers, Dan enjoyed a very successful corporate career in sales and marketing. He served in several senior executive sales and marketing roles at Nuance Communications for 17 years. Before joining Nuance, Dan worked for Xerox Corporation for 14 years in various sales, marketing, sales operations, and finance assignments.


Dan holds a BA in Psychology from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Rochester. He is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. When not writing and coaching his clients, you will find him enjoying a quiet life on the lake with his wife of 36-plus years and his dog, Rigby.

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