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1:1 Services and coaching

Individual coaching and consulting services across each step in a successful job search process

Job Search

[single session]

Evaluation of your current job search strategy and process with detailed analysis, recommendations, and tools to accelerate the path to an offer.

The AdvantEdge Job Search Tune-Up includes a focus on all critical areas of your current job search process:

  • Evaluation of your job search plan 

  • Review of your job search research process  

  • Analysis of your resume and ATS scoring

  • Appraisal of your cover letter structure 

  • Assessment of your LinkedIn profile

  • Audit of your networking strategy

  • Examination of your interview preparation 

The AdvantEdge Job Search Tune-Up also includes:

  • Detailed summary report with specific actions to improve the effectiveness of your search process

  • AdvantEdge Guidebook and AdvantEdge Toolkit

Job Search

[multiple sessions]

Customized coaching program and sessions to guide you through each step in the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™ to land your target job

  • Planning & Research Session(s): Focus on Job Search Action Planning; Target Position & Company Research Strategies; Elevator Pitch Development and Customization

  • Personal Branding Session(s): Focus on Resume Writing; Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Resume Optimization and Position Targeting; Cover Letter Writing and Customization

  • Personal Networking Session(s): Focus on LinkedIn Profile Development and Enhancement; Leveraging the LinkedIn Platform; Network Outreach and Expansion Techniques

  • Personal Selling Session(s): Focus on Interview Research and Preparation Process; Interview Techniques and Practice Interviews; Job Offer Evaluation Strategies; 1st 90 Days in New Position

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