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Job Search Coaching

Job Search Process Coaching Program

[Customized Multi-Session Packages]

Get started with a free advantedge job search consulting session

Review your current job search strategy, challenges you may be experiencing, and how to overcome obstacles. 

Discuss the strategy and techniques of a successful job search process.

Explore how to incorporate Personal Branding, Personal Networking, and Personal Selling into your job search

Answer questions about  AdvantEdge Careers and our coaching services.

AdvantEdge Job Search Coaching Focus report
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AdvantEdge Job Search Coaching


The path to your next job can be long and winding, with many wrong turns along the way to your destination. You need a copilot to help you navigate each step in the search process and land that next job.


The AdvantEdge Job Search Process Coaching Program is a customized multi-session package guiding you step by step through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™.

The AdvantEdge Job Search Coaching Program includes:

  • Planning & Research Session(s): Client intake and current job search plan analysis. Review of existing personal branding materials (Elevator Pitch; Resume; Cover Letter; and LinkedIn Profile). Written report to optimize job search plan and personal branding materials. Also includes the development of a baseline elevator pitch.

  • Personal Branding Session(s): Detailed review of your current resume and development of a new professionally designed and formatted resume. Customization for your career target and value proposition. Keyword optimization for the target job. ATS scan optimization report and process coaching included. Two formats of your resume are provided (PDF and MS Word). Also includes the development of a baseline cover letter for the target job.​

  • Personal Networking Session(s): Update your baseline LinkedIn profile to reflect your new resume and personal branding. An online review of all LinkedIn profile settings to align with the new job search plan. Includes coaching on techniques to leverage the LinkedIn platform for the development and expansion of your new professional job search network.

  • Personal Selling Session(s): A focus on interview skills training, interview preparation techniques, STAR story library development, and personalized responses to common interview questions. The output of the session(s) includes video recording(s) [MP4] of your practice session(s) focused on specific job opportunities. Improves your level of confidence and your ability to master the interview process. Also includes coaching on job offer evaluation and strategies to master your first 90 days in the new position.​​

  • Job Search Coaching Focus Report: Details each phase of your search process (linked to instructions) that you should take (and on which custom coaching sessions will focus) to increase your probability of success in landing an offer for your target position.​

  • AdvantEdge Guidebook: Step-by-step instructions that guide you logically through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™. Four phases and twelve steps across 16 chapters lead you systematically from the start of your search to your first day in the new position.​

  • AdvantEdge Toolkit: Secure access to a cloud repository containing 25 easy-to-use job search tools, templates, exercises, and resources, all designed to expand your understanding and utilization of the AdvantEdge process.

  • Price: Custom Quote. Schedule a free job search consulting session to discuss your coaching needs and receive your quote.

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