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Guidebooks and Toolkits

Cost-effective job search guidebooks and tools for job seekers charting their own path to land the job offer


AdvantEdge Job Search Guidebook

  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you logically through the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™.​

  • Four phases and twelve steps across 16 chapters lead you systematically from the start of your job search to your first day in the new position.

  • A self-paced resource filled with search strategies, techniques, and tips to help you land the job offer. 

  • Available on Amazon (Kindle & Paperback) and from AdvantEdge Direct (PDF) from $9.99.


AdvantEdge Job Search Toolkit

  • Cloud-based repository with lifetime access to 25+ tools, templates, and resources to help accelerate your job search.​

  • Supports the complete range (all 4 phases and 12 steps) of the AdvantEdge Job Search Process™.

  • Access on Box (MS Office and PDF file formats) or Google Drive (Google and PDF file formats). 

  • Available to purchase for $24.99.

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