Selling You. Two Editions.
One Winning Formula.


What's the definition of radio silence in a job search? Lots of applications but few interviews and no offers. That's a sign of a stalled job search.

The bad news. Your job search is in trouble and headed for a rough landing. The good news. It's not you. It's your job search process, and you can fix it.

In Selling You: The AdvantEdge Job Search Process™, you will learn how to use the power of sales and marketing to navigate the job search and land the job.

Selling is like breathing. We do both every day. To succeed in a job search, you need to start thinking and acting like a sales rep and add structure and process to your job search. Filled with practical advice and a lifetime of sales experience, this book gives you a step-by-step guide to executing a winning job search.

Leverage the AdvantEdge process to gain the advantage and an edge over the competition in today's job market. This book walks you through the "How To" for the steps you need to complete across the four major phases of a successful job search.


  • Plan & Research: Job Search Action Plan Development; Target Position and Company Research

  • Personal Branding: Elevator Pitch Development; Resume Development; Cover Letter Development; LinkedIn Profile Development

  • Personal Networking: Job Search Network Funnel Development; Exploratory Meetings & Network Maintenance

  • Personal Selling: Interview Preparation; Screening Interview; Hiring Manager Interview; Job Offer Evaluation & 1st 90 Days


We all have a sales rep hidden inside of ourselves. This book shows you how to bring those sales skills to the surface and into your job search process. The result will be a quicker path to your next job.

Selling You is available in two editions. The Navigator Edition includes the AdvantEdge Job Search Process Guidebook plus the AdvantEdge Toolkit complete with 25 job search tools, templates, and resources to accelerate your job search. The Pathfinder Edition is the AdvantEdge Job Search Process Guidebook only with an option to subsequently purchase the AdvantEdge Toolkit.