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The AdvantEdge Approach

To succeed in a job search, you need to start executing with a sales mindset

The AdvantEdge process is a systematic four-phased and twelve-step approach to the job search built on a foundation of proven sales and marketing principles 

AC Process

The AdvantEdge Job Search Process™

phase 1

Plan and research

  • Action Plan Development

  • Target Position & Company Research

phase 2

personal branding

  • Elevator Pitch Development

  • Resume Development

  • Cover Letter Development

  • LinkedIn Profile Development 

phase 3

personal networking

  • Job Search Network Funnel Development

  • Exploratory Meetings & Network Maintenance

phase 4


  • Interview Preparation

  • Screening Interview

  • Hiring Manager Interview

  • Job Offer Evaluation & 1st 90 Days

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