The AdvantEdge Approach


The AdvantEdge Careers approach to the job search process is highly influenced by three decades of experience working in sales and marketing.

A fundamental principle for your job search is that selling is like breathing. We do both every day of our lives.

Whether you are talking about products, solutions or services, you are selling. If you are preparing a presentation for school or work, you are selling a point of view. And when you are looking for your next job, you are selling the most valuable product in the world. Yourself.

With the AdvantEdge program, you will learn how to view your job search through this sales perspective. You will understand that finding your next job is the most important sale of your career.

Like many things in your life, a successful job search strategy requires a process, discipline, and dedicated focus.


With the AdvantEdge Careers program, you will learn to master a 10-step job search process that is a systematic progression of three key phases.


Phase 1 is Personal Branding. Phase 2 is Personal Networking. Phase 3 is Personal Selling. The steps you take in each phase are logical building blocks for the work and activities you will complete in the subsequent phases of your job search. As you work through the AdvantEdge program, you will complete specific coaching sessions on each of the ten steps across these three key job search phases. 

Watch a Video on the AdvantEdge Ten Step Job Search Process

The AdvantEdge Ten Step Job Search Process

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Follow the AdvantEdge process and find your job.